Colloids Conference 2015

5th International Colloids Conference

Colloids and Interface Sciences for a Brighter Future | 21-24 June 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Journal of Colloid and Interface Science is currently seeking nominations for the 2015 JCIS - Darsh Wasan Award. The JCIS Award is given annually, for the first time in 2007, for outstanding contributions within surface and colloid chemistry. Read More here...

Colloid and Interface Science is now vital to new technologies, for improving the quality of life, as well as helping address trans-national global issues. For example, this field has major impacts in green science – bio, medical and health sciences – energy and resource efficiency.

The conference aims to bring together international researchers to communicate the latest developments across the broad and diverse fields of Colloid and Interface Science.

The goals of the meeting are to communicate and share research from the frontiers of Colloid, Interface and Materials science.

The state-of-the-art and future perspectives will be addressed by Plenary speakers, all world leading scientists.

Keynote lectures will present overviews of the latest research.

New results will be presented and discussed in Showcase lectures and Poster sessions.

The conference will focus on five main themes:-

  • Functional colloidal materials and nanomaterials

       » energy, environment and catalysis
  • Biomaterials and nanomedicine

       » design, delivery and diagnostics
  • Engineered surfaces and interfaces

       » interfacial processes, capillary and wetting
       » adsorption, catalysis and electrochemistry
  • Advanced surfactants biocolloids and soft matter

       » encapsulation, compartmentalization and solubilization
  • New theory, novel phenomena and experimental techniques

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